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  • Agasi is a great company! Service is reliable, on time and reasonably priced. I have used them for 14 years and have never been disappointed with their work. Their customer service is as good as their plumbing expertise; Nir works with you to find the best solution to your problem!

    Diane W.

  • I have used Agasi Plumbing for many years. The workmen have always been professional, helpful and timely. Service has been provided on a timely basis.

    Peggy R.

  • Agasi Plumbing has been doing all of our plumbing for nearly 30 years, both residential and commercial. The people are very nice and easy to reach. they are always prompt to the time they set your appointment. Their work is always first class and complete. They are very savvy, and know pretty much from talking to you what the problem is. And importantly, they can tell you what to do in an emergency so that damage to your property is minimized before they come to your location.

    Gal A.

  • EXCELLENT plumbers!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I found Agasi on-line and decided to give them a shot since I like to work with local people. Am I glad I did!! I called and Ronnie picked up the phone and scheduled a service date for me immediately and on the day I needed. Manuel and his assistant came over right on time. But since it was my first time using them, I was a little hesitant about the suggestion of raising the plumbing under the kitchen sink, so Nir (the owner) came over a little while later and explained everything in detail, courteously and with a big smile!! He also explained his and the worker’s background. After that, I felt confident in Manuel’s suggestion and proceeded with the work. The job was done well, in time, and in a professional manner using quality materials, not cheap Home Depot pipes. Also, they pick up the phone every single time I called – either Ronnie or Nir himself!! I know I can always count on Agasi Plumbing for all of my plumbing needs!! I’ve already referred him to my dad and siblings! Thank you, Nir!!!

    Shirin K.

  • I’ve been using Agasi for years after they were recommended to me by a friend. They are a great company with stellar customer service. I’m always thrilled with their service and can highly recommend Agasi.

    Jennifer R.

  • I was referred to Agasi plumbing by my neighbor. I was tired of getting gouged by other plumbing companies who charged crazy fees for minor jobs. I called them and spoke straight with the boss. I sent him pix of my problem and he gave me an estimate right over the phone! And it was inexpensive!! He had a man come out the very next day and fixed up what I started and couldn’t finish. I used them twice and was more than satisfied.

    Michael O.

  • I’ve been using Agasi for years after they were recommended to me by a friend. They are a great company with stellar customer service. I’m always thrilled with their service and can highly recommend Agasi.

    Jennifer R.

  • I’ve used Agasi Plumbing several times in the past few years. They are always on time, communicate well, professional and very knowledgeable. They stand by their work and help you determine the best solution to your situation. Highly recommended.

    Rosy R.

  • I was amazed by their great service. Agasi’s team was there on time, and worked so quickly and efficiently. I had to call them twice for two different services (gas, and plumbing), both times they did a great job detecting the problem and fixing it on the spot. At the beginning I was afraid about the prices, but I was surprised to see their services are very affordable. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need. I know for sure I will use their services again!

    Sagi A.

  • I’ve used Nir before and knew he did great work and is someone that I could trust to do the job right the first time. I had hired a contractor to do some other work and fix the toilets but there was still a problem. Nir showed up exactly when he said he would, fixed the problem and charged me a very reasonable price. I highly recommend using Agasi Plumbing again because it’s hard to find a plumber that I can trust.

    Jonathan R.

  • Very smooth form start to finish. They showed up on time, were very neat, finished the job on time and cleaned up so well. Our water heater is in the garage and they hosed down the entire garage floor when the finished. Very impressive.

    Mary B.

  • I love Agasi!! Every time I have plumbing problems I call them and they’re the best. I had to fix a kitchen faucet that was spraying everywhere and I called them. They replaced one part but told me it’s better to replace the whole faucet because that repair wasn’t good enough. They were right and the problem wasn’t completely eliminated. They could keep repairing it but they recommended that I cut my losses and replace it. They brought a faucet themselves based on the criteria I gave them and came the next day and installed it. It’s wonderful and I love my new faucet. And it ended up cheaper than trying to deal with the repairs over and over again. Thank you Agasi!

    Michelle G.

  • They are so good. I called them for a broken pipe. There was water all over my yard. They came immediately, found the problem, fixed the pipe and helped vacuum away all the water. They are my go to guys. I highly recommend.

    Joe M.

  • In the last 5 years, I have used Agasi Plumbing on an average of once a year. Most of those annual visits are to replace the water filter in the kitchen. This month I used them twice, the second time was to replace a shower cartridge. When I call them I request Manuel. I had good experience with him and with Nir. Beside their quality of work and responsiveness, I like them because when it is not necessary for them to come they will try to solve your problem using FaceTime.. Last year the water heater stopped working, and I was guided how to start the heater myself, The first time I have done it myself. HIGHLY Reccomended!!

    Diana F.


    Gil S.

  • They were prompt and professional and did a great job! Did the job as promised, and would hire them again in a pinch.

    Robyn O.

  • I moved to a new house and I needed some remodeling. I’ve been working with Agasi Plumbing for many years so I called them to do the plumbing work for me and they were wonderful. They remodeled my kitchen (new pipes, new gas line, fixtures installation), installed the washer and dryer, and relocated my water heater from my old house into my new house. They did a great job and their employees were very professional and courteous and always on time. They gave me very good advice and helped me choose between different options. I am very happy with the results. This is the best plumbing company!

    Victor A.

  • We worked with them for several years. They are a great company. We had a bathroom remodeling and they replaced the toilet, sinks, and tub for us and a few other repairs. The work was very clean. They finished on time and charged exactly what they quoted us. The staff was very nice and professional. We highly recommend.

    Sheila O.

  • Responsive, polite and professional!

    Victor Z.

  • The most professional company I worked with. Prompt, reliable, and price is reasonable.

    Ronit L.

  • He was on time and performed a plumbing repair to my satisfaction.

    Chris W.

  • We converted a small storage space into a bathroom and we called Agasi Plumbing based on past experience. The space was very problematic, small, and oddly shaped, and it presented a lot of challenges, like lack of access, sheer walls that can’t be drilled, and stairs above a sloped ceiling. The plumbers had to be very creative to find solutions. They did a wonderful job at a reasonable price! They finished the plumbing quickly and met deadlines, so the other contractors could do their job on time. Everything is working beautifully now. We are so happy to have our new bathroom and glad we called Agasi Plumbing. We definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to remodel.

    Connor M.

  • We’ve used Agasi Plumbing for several years on a number of occasions for our properties. They have always provided prompt response to our calls and excellent service, quickly resolving the problem at hand. They’ve also suggested alternatives in terms of trying to determine whether the situation could wait until a ‘non-emergency’ period, which offered me the option of saving some money on the issue. That is always much appreciated!

    Rozmary M.

  • We had a problem with our water heater – it wasn’t heating! We called Agasi plumbing which was recommended by a friend. The crew arrived the same day. They figured out the problem immediately but said we needed a replacement part. The owner called the water heater’s manufacturer to order the part and discovered the heater was still under a warranty. Yippee! No charge for the part. It took the manufacturer a few days to send the part, and there was also a little confusion with FedEx, but the day the part arrived the owner himself came to install it. Voila, everything works again! I highly recommend this company. They did a clean and fast job at a very reasonable price. They dealt with the manufacturer and FedEx directly, and were on top of things.

    Denis C.

  • My wife & I are doing some household renovations, and we recently hired Agasi Plumbing and Water Systems to install two new bathroom sinks. The same day when I got home from work the sinks were already installed. My wife said the plumbers were in and out in about three hours, cleaned up, and did a really nice job. The price $320.- seemed to me very reasonable for the job. Here’s the kicker-we have a big dog that isn’t very friendly. My wife said in a few minutes the plumbers and the dog acted as if they were best friends.  Soon we will be replacing our kitchen sink with a nice stainless steel sink, and I plan on hiring them again.

    Michael G.

  • Half the cost was the part for an internal piece of a shower faucet. Nir Agasi came and assessed the situation. When the part arrived, he sent two workers to install it but they would have left it too loose if I hadn’t insisted they take apart and reassemble the unit. I asked for -15% on service as an Angie’s member and they honored it. I would definitely use them again. Nir stands by his product.

    Debra F.

  • I have used Agasi Plumbing on two separate occasions. Nir and his office are nice on the phone and work with me to find the soonest time to begin inspection of the issue to them provide me with an estimated cost. This has been the next day on both occasions. The first time they fixed the issue without me being home, since it was a problem that they didn’t need to get into the house. The second issue was also outdoors, but they just let me know they were there, did the work, let me test it, and were on their way. I like that I didn’t have to pay right then as their office would follow up with me the next day for payment. I feel that their prices are reasonable for their service.

    Jason W.

  • I have been using Agasi for many years for any pluming issue I have had with my home. It was time for a copper re pipe for the entire house. This can be can be a very stressful process but working with Agasi made it very quick and painless from the initial quote to the finished job. My wife and I were very happy and impressed with the professionalism and quality of work. I was so happy that when my parents had an issue with their pluming last May 2015 I had no problems referring Agasi for their copper re piping.

    Martin V.

  • After many years of buying water bottles I got tired of carrying them and decided to install my own water filtration system under the counter. I called Agasi plumbing and water systems, and they recommended to go with 2 stage water filtration system consisted of sediment filter and carbon filter. They said they would provide the system and install it in my place. The entire package was within my budget. They called me within three days to set a time for the day after. The technician came on time, removed everything under the kitchen sink, covered the floor, and within an hour the system was installed. He checked everything and left the area clean like it was before. I have the system now for a month. I use it a lot and I’m verry happy. I would call them again.

    Nily A.

  • I have a fourplex and I got an emergency and the water heater for one of my apartments broke down. The minute I called I got an answer and I got professional people answering the phone who knew what they’re doing. I got the best service in town. Their crew showed up so fast and it made my tenant so happy. Within a couple of hours my problem was solved like nothing happened with a very good price. I definitely call them again and I highly recommend them.

    Grace W.

  • We Moved to west LA from OC a year ago. we contracted a number of professionals since we moved. There are only two that we continue to use and recommend to others. One is Agasi Plumbing the other one is our cleaning lady. One the people we recommended Agasi plumbing is our neighbor from the floor below. Agasi Plumbing fixes their water heater, and every time i see we see our neighbor in the elevator he thanks us for that recommendation. Agasi Plumbing came on time explained the work, gave us few option and prices, pointed us where to get a particular part free. Came on time and worked very cleanly. I just recommended Agasi Plumbing to my son who lives in SM.

    Aviram M.

  • Last minute call before our guest came for Shabbat dinner. Agasi’s team of two technicians came within 20 minutes of calling and fixed both issues with no time. They knew exactly what was the problem when they came in so I did not had to repeat it. They started working right away and had it all fixed just before our guests came. They left the work area clean just as it was before they came, which helped me a lot with the dinner preparation. I even got some advice for a problem I have with the shower of which they said I can fix myself. I found it very amazing to have such honest, professional, and clean looking plumbers. Thank you Agasi Plumbing!!

    Sara C.

  • A few months ago, we didn’t have hot water in the house and we found out that our water heater was broken. We called Agasi plumbing and they came right away. One of the technicians told us the water heater had to be replaced and couldn’t be fixed. But he suggested that we check if it was still covered under the warranty. We called Home Depot and, sure enough, it was still covered! The technicians emptied the heater, loaded it to their truck, and drove to Home Depot with me! They waited there until the store did the exchange, then drove back to our house and installed the heater. I didn’t pay anything for the new water heater itself. They installed the new heater quickly and did a very clean job. Since then we have no problems with it. Agasi plumbing saved me hundreds of dollars by suggesting we use the warranty because we only had to pay for the labor. They are a great company, reliable, knowledgeable and always courteous. They charge you the price they tell you in advance, they’re quick and clean, and they come on time. Since then, we used them for other things in the house. They installed a kitchen faucet, unclogged a toilet, and replaced a toilet seat. They were always wonderful. We trust them and highly recommend them!

    Sean M.

  • I called the company on 1.2.2015 at 10:00am . they came around 12:00pm, cleared everything that was under the sink, put cover on the kitchen floor to protect floor, opened the clogged pipe, which took  approx. an hour. Cleaned whatever needed to be cleaned after the job was done and put everything back under the kitchen sink as it was before. The worker was very professional, worked quietly and didn’t disturbed me with questions and left everything clean, as there was no work done. he was very organized and came on time as planned. I was very pleased with the work.

    Aaron L.

  • They suggested for me to save money to go buy the new garbage disposal and they would put it in and it would be covered under my Big Deal. They were really sweet and contacted me about appointment times and worked around my schedule. They got the job done in 45 minutes and did a beautiful job.

    Noelle G.

  • They arrived on time. They removed the old faucets and installed the new ones very quickly. Since there were two of them and each one worked on a faucet it took them less than an hour. We asked them to look at a Pur water filter that was leaking and told us that it was cracked and that we would have to replace it. Unfortunately, not long after they left we noticed that one of the drain connections on the faucet was leaking and called their office to see if they could fix the leak. They called back the next day and said they would send someone out to fix it by 3 pm that day. They arrived on time and fixed the leak within 15 minutes. Our new faucets look great and overall we are happy with their work.

    Margaret H.

  • Manuel and Juan showed up on time and were very careful not to track dirt into the house. After I showed Manuel the issues with the bathrooms, he told me he did not believe it would take very long to fix. I had purchased the 2 hours 2 plumbers deal so he said it should be able to be completed within the allotted time. After cutting out the damaged bathroom ceiling, he crawled up inside and told me I was lucky that the leak appears contained to a small area. They turned off the water and repaired the leaky pipes. He inspected the 2nd bathroom leaky shower handle and informed me that I had old stem bolts and I should replace them. He showed me what to get and I went to Home Depot quickly while he and Juan removed the old stem bolts. Once I got back, they were ready to install the new stem bolts. Now the shower no longer leaks while I turn the handles. They also inspected the kitchen and informed me that it would take longer to fix the potential leak issue as it would require cutting and adjusting pipe. Manuel informed me that currently there is no leak and I should be good to go. They verified everyone was still good before they left. I highly recommend Agasi Plumbing and working with Nir was great to schedule the job. I will definitely look into using them again for my plumbing needs.

    David S.

  • They are excellent and very responsive. He is attentive to phone calls and always responds quickly. He is extremely reliable and remembers my house, which is why I keep using him. He also uses good workers.

    Richard T.

  • I called Agasi Plumbing when we had a huge leak in a broken sprinkler service pipe in the yard. Helped me shut down the outside supply and saved the weekend trip charge. Then he came by during the week, found and fixed the leak.

    Roger Y.

  • Great job. On time. Very professional.

    Rory S.

  • They were great. They did a good service and they did the job right with a reasonable price.

    Stephanie T.


  • Quick and professional. Well worth the money!

    Brad T.

  • They came with 2 men which is always good. While they were here, they replaced the water filter and used copper piping. They also went out of their way and replaced the sink filter. Throughout the whole process they were very careful and meticulous and made sure they did job right.

    Eva S.

  • We have used Agasi Plumbing over the last several years for cleaning out the main line sinks in our house. They also installed a gas safety valve on our gas meter to the house. They always came promptly when we called them. They were professional and always held to their phone quotes and are reasonably priced.

    Kathleen L.

  • The experience went very well — they sent out service workers right away and provided good service. They are very friendly and professional on the phone and also good at communicating with email.

    Adina N.

  • Thank you for your prompt reply to our service call to install the water heater. As in many times before, the job was done in the outmost satisfactory and efficient manner. All of your employees were extremely courteous, knowledgeable and went out of their way to explain various functions and answer my inquiries. I wish everyone were to commit themselves with the same level of enthusiasm.

    Tal B.

  • Honest and professional, we’ve worked with Nir a few times and we were always satisfied with the quality of his work.

    Raanan B.

  • Nir and his staff have consistently provided excellent service. The company is very capable at dealing with a variety of situations, some of them quite unusual and unexpected. They are prompt and courteous in dealing with people and explaining the situation and options for solutions.

    Lou W.

  • Nir always takes care of my plumbing needs, as well as those of my real estate clients…I would never hesitate to recommend Agasi Plumbing – They’re the best!

    Aviel F.

  • I know Nir professionally as a friend and networking team player. I always enjoyed his work and what I heard about him from others.

    Randy S.

  • Nir is trustworthy, efficient and hard-working.

    Bob F.

  • Nir is very professional and delivers on what he says. He is excellent to work with, is very personable and the job gets done on time and within budget.

    Lisa L.

  • Thank you for your prompt reply to our service call to install our water heater. As in many times before, the job was done in the utmost satisfactory and efficient manner. All of your employees were extremely courteous, knowledgeable and went out of their way to explain various functions and answer my inquiries. I wish everyone were to commit themselves with the same level of enthusiasm.

    Ilan G.

  • I am the owner of a 17 unit apartment building and would like to recommend Agasi Plumbing. I believe that Nir Agasi is highly professional and has a capable team under his command. He is always available to discuss options, and most importantly he is up to code in all matters. His plumbers have repiped several apartments and replaced the water heater in the laundry room. The work of Agasi Plumbing is always reliable. I have recommended him to other apartment owners and they have also been completely satisfied.

    Devamarga G.

  • We have been using Agasi Plumbing for over 4 years and have always been pleased with their service. They were originally referred to us by our neighbors who had been using them for years as well. Some of the things they have worked on include leaky toilets, replaced faucets, installed a new water heater, replaced the outside water pressure regulator and faucets. They are always very prompt, work fast and efficiently, and do good work at reasonable prices. We would highly recommend them for any plumbing job you may have.

    Pam P.

  • As a construction company that has been doing business for the last 35 years we are highly recommending Agasi Plumbing & Water Systems. We have been working with Agasi Plumbing for over 15 years in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas. We are more than satisfied with the quality of the work, the clean installation and the professional crews. We especially appreciate the office staff who follow up promptly and are very friendly with our customers. It is not easy to find quality, integrity and honesty in one company. Agasi Plumbing & Water Systems are the answer to all of that. It is a pleasure to work with them in the past, present and future.

    Brett H.

  • Agasi Plumbing has never disappointed me. Nir Agasi has shown up for me personally on many occasions and for many emergencies on weekends and holidays. I live in a 1920’s Spanish home with very temperamental plumbing and very old and tenacious tree roots. I have had all sorts of plumbing emergencies and Nir has been totally reliable and dependable. His response time is bar none. He has walked me through so many potential disasters. His staff is friendly and responsible. His service is excellent. Although he is not the cheapest, he is worth every penny. A total pleasure to work with.

    Lori S.

  • Kim and I want to thank you for your excellent work in this most recent remodel, and for all the years of support and service we’ve received from Agasi Plumbing. You’ve always been immediately reachable and available for any plumbing crisis (and we’ve had several!) You and your workers have always been quick and courteous. Your work has always been reliable. And your prices have always been very reasonable. As a do-it-yourselfer who sometimes thinks he can plumb, I have to admit that you’ve patiently guided me through my various remodel projects. You’ve helped me design bathrooms, choose fixtures, and rescued me when I’ve gotten in over my head. I hope I never spring another leak, but when I do, you’re the one we’ll call.

    Larry Z.

  • These days, there’s only one thing harder to find than a good doctor … and that’s a good plumber. So if you’re lucky enough to find one, you stick with them. Agasi Plumbing has been taking care of me for over ten years now, through three houses, remodeling and many different service calls. They do it all. Believe me, save yourself the headache. Forget the two aspirin and just call Nir at Agasi Plumbing in the morning.

    Susan J.

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Agasi Plumbing