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Are Pressure Regulators Necessary?

Aug 02, 2013

Yes, and particularly necessary in areas where the water pressure in the street is high. At Agasi Plumbing & Water Systems we’ve had over twenty-five years of experience dealing with pressure regulators of any size.

The job of a pressure regulator is to protect the structure’s plumbing system and all water-using fixtures from high water pressure which may cause water leaks and fixture damage throughout the structure. Water pressure regulators are typically connected at the point of entry to the building. Our technicians will find out the stagnant pressures in the street and compare it to the pressure inside your structure.

If the pressure at your site is too high, and the regulator will not manually adjust to lower the pressure, it’s likely that the regulator is failing and needs to be replaced.

We recommend that you don’t delay getting a new pressure regulator fitted when it’s needed because high pressure in your structure may result in needless leaks, fixture damage, slab leaks or other water leaks.

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